Overhead cranes, production

Cooperation with one of the world’s leading producers of overhead cranes and hoists DEMAG Cranes&Components and the German crane producer STAHL CraneSystems enables us to offer a wide range of services including production, sales, maintenance and installation of:


  • Overhead cranes:
    Single-girder suspension overhead cranes;
    Single-girder overhead cranes;
    Double girder overhead cranes. 

    Overhead crane inquiry form for can be downloaded here.

  •  Lightweight lifting equipment systems


  •  I-beam and lightweight cantilever cranes


  • Electric power supply systems (via flexible cables or closed trolleys)

  • Lifting equipment:

    Rope hoists
    Chain hoists
  • Lightweight metal profiles

    Steel profiles
    Aluminium profiles
  • Gear motors and moto-reducers


  • Electric motors for lifting equipment with brakes


  • Wheel blocks


  • Lifting equipment control systems.

  • Non-standard metal structures.


If you have any questions or require more detailed information, be sure to call us or send an inquiry to:

Overhead Crane Division Manager +37060803319;
Design Engineer